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A vid from 7 July 2006. Just wanted to share with subaru fans how amazing his voice is!!!!

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Ossan Files

the ossan big fan is back again~

I recently suceeded in grabbing 2 episodes of Nanjani Kanjani. This is probably the earliest tv program the 3 baka ever went to. The 3 of them were so young and baru... he was still a little hime *o* Honestly the content of this program sucks, they just invited guests who talked to the kansai jr. And for most of the time it was yokocho doing the talking. Yet I'm happy to see that the rest of them and the audience quite enjoyed his jokes (esp baru who kept bursting out laughters whenever yoko talked. He seldom does so now ... baru... have yoko's jokes deteriorated or are you just too used to what he's been joking over again all these years?)

Episode 1

All you needa know is 1, 4, 6. How sad only the 3 of them are left till now. I bet they really had a long tough journey to get thru everything and become what they are now. All the johnny's do have hard times but I'm convinced that it's more than hard times for the kansai jr. That's why I love them so much.

mazu... yokocho. OMG, he's so young here. *O* The same genki man man!

Hina... when he still looked like hina!!! Eito used to invite the real hina to suka J, and she said "why is murakami called Hina? He doesn't look like me at all!"... but now you know why. XD

Baru, he was so cute and I reckon he hasn't change much to his gestures. The same arm wave and the same big staring eyes. @"@
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Episode 6

Yokocho. He was so slim here. And the way he talked... his voice was so much softer than now. Yasashii... >3

Hina. Hina.

Oh little utahime sama! *hearts*

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Gakibara Kingdom 2000

Episode: Ask V6 to retire
Another classic program with all the johnny's jr. Among all of them only yoko, hina, baru and ryo were from kansai. ^^ So proud of them. And also this is THE progrem that I feel what hina talked about the period he hated Takki the most. 'Coz obviously Takki was everything and the rest of the Jr. were backdrop for him.

This episode is a proof of how kansai jr. were unfairly treated. They were required to do big challenge, and they drew for the request letters from their fans. But only for the kansai group, they were not allowed to draw for themselves but takki helped them to draw. And takki was apparently holding a preselected letter in his hand and pretended to draw. This was yoko's reaction when he saw it. "Did you see that!?" he said.

The designated letter was to ask the kansai jr. to persuade their senpai V6 "20th century" to RETIRE!!!!!
Oh poor kansai jr... see hina and yoko's facial expression. Chibi ryo was so worried that he looked at yoko face. Baru... the usual "my pace" attitude. Didn't give a damn at all and joked with Jimmy Mackey and toma!! >.<

They talked about their quest... yoko was scolding (I bet seriously) takki that how he could say that Tokyo Jr's quest was the hardest among all. (it's a very important thing for the Japanese, and maybe even more for the Johnny's, to keep their respect for their seniors. That's why asking their senior V6 to retire is a super rude thing to do. I bet if V6 wasn't informed in advance of this game would be in real anger if they were asked by the 4 of them to retire!)

This file is quite big and I didn't just crop out the kansai part.
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Episode: After the Best Kid Couple
Another Gakibara Episode... but I failed to capture the frame. There's a part with Yoko and chibi Ryo. The story is like this. They got a contest to select the best kids couple. And after a long selection, a pair of couple was selected. Few weeks later, they received a letter from the best couple's parent saying that the little girl from the couple is having "an affair" with another boy. So ryo and yoko went to investigate.

I just want yoko fans to pay attention to 31:11.... that little kid put his small punch to yuchin's chin chin.... @#%@%$. LOL. Yoko was so embarrassed that he didn't know how to react for a second. XD I just want you to see that! (sorry, this is the sole purpose that I uploaded this episode. Scold me or thank me)

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8 o'clock J

Episode: Marathon @ Hawaii
This is the first episode of 8'oclock J. They went to Hawaii for the shooting and held a 21km Marathon! I think this is the place where they also shot the PV for "Can Go! Can Go!" in Shounen Shinjuku Tantei Dan, though I am not able to spot out my yoko prince among the Jr. crowd. Y.Y

See who we got here. Chibi ryo and Chibi Pi. No one knew that 9 years later the duo are still together, working hard in a group called NewS.

Guess who's the winner? It's our Mr. imbalance MARU chan!! This time he managed not to trip himself over... in fact Maru chan is good at sports and he used to be in the long run club at his school. There were traces of facts that proved his ability.. first he finished this 21km marathon in 1 hr 28 mins, second, he did really good in a 500m rally of 1999 Johnny's Sports Event, and also in an episode of Honjani, he was the only one who passed the 1.5m high jump.

The second one... oh my... it's YASU!!! sassuka YASU. He's really good at sports (and everything else). I'm so proud of kansai! They got the 1st and 2nd place! Kansai spirits are never daunted!

Just a side information... yoko got the 19th place and ryo the 20th. (and of course, they were not shown)

And matsumoto... he was the last (as expected). Maru and Yasu went back and ran with him. How can you 2 fellows be so sweet? I can hold my tears nomore... oh my tears... such innocent souls.... 

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It's a Narutomo interview 2 years ago. I downloaded part 1 of this interview but there isn't part 2. If someone has it, kindly let me know~! Here's the caps and DL for part 1. I love to see k8 interviews. They are just so united and closed. Few things I'd like to bring to your attention:

1. When they talked about who's the leaders of Kanjani, yoko mentioned Maru. Then Maru said how he tried to raise the spirits of the team. Here.... as Maru got his mouth widely opened, I saw that he actually has a teeth rectifier!!!! *O* Am I so outdated that I didn't know Maru got his teeth rectified?!!!!! I thought it was just Ohkura!

2. Yoko's facial expressions when being praised by subaru. He shyly touched the back of his neck and couldn't find words to fight back. (KAWAII~~~) He did the same gesture when Ohkura talked about him.

3. I'm quite convinced that the thing Yasu wore on his right hand is the same as the one on subaru's left hand.

4. Once again, I'm convinced that subaru is gay. .. otherwise he must be attracted by Maru very very very much. The way he looked at Maru as Maru talked (though he always does so).. so closed that he nearly kissed his face. And for once he touched Maru's leg too. Baru... why are you always doing this just to Maru? (Even if he clings to Yasu, I don't recall that he looks at yasu that close...!)

Who's the leader of Kanjani8?

nanto... Maru chan was once selected as the leader!!!

Of course it didn't last long. But yoko said Ryo is surprisingly the most decisive person in the group. (it's so sweet that he mentioned ryo even he wasn't there *u*)

Now they were asked about their annual BBQ event. Baru was so excited about it ^^

They event was getting more organized this year. And yoko was named by baru "the man who put on a fire".

Then they were asked what they liked the most about their members. Ohkura said he liked yoko being  the one to bring up the tension... *.*

This is the preview of the part2 of this interview! I just think Yasu is super cute in this, I can't help capturing it down.

And yoko is @$%@#@^.... XD

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This drama called ikeikeikemen was acted by subaru, hina and yoko back in 2000. And I think it's based on a manga of the same title. Subaru acted as HARU, yoko acted as HIRO, and hina acted as RYUICHI. The trios read letters from students in their school, and helped them out of their problems. It laughs my butt off every time I watch this drama 'coz the 3 baka were dressing in weird outfits and the way they helped the others were just silly and non sense. Anyway, it amuses me a lot when I see yoko dressing as a woman, subaru trying to mask himself by stuffing his head into a woman silver stocking, and hina painting his face black as charcoal...

I so far got 4 episodes of this drama only, and reckon if anyone hasn't a chance to watch it can follow these link to download. I'm more than happy if someone can tell me where I can get the rest of the episodes.

Ikemen #1 巨乳のお願い (Request from Big Boobs)
 Yoko acts himself in the drama -- a big boobs mania!

 The trios tried to help out, see what they turned out.
 Finally, subaru got what the girl wanted!


Ikemen#2 私の恥ずかしい写真 (My embarrassing Photos)
 My dearest yoko stuffing his head into silver stocking... oh dear

 So as subaru... this is hilarious XD
 OK. Now what yoko? Dressed in your favorite woman outfit again?


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Ikemen#3 Hビデオすりかえ大作戦 (Retrieve the H Video!!)

Ikemen#4 踊る家庭教師 (Dancing Private Tutors)

 Afro dance!! Mind you the the kid in green wasn't Hina, it was hasegawa jun *x*
 Here comes my hina~ what the hell were they wearing?! Subaru... is red your favorite colour?
 Trying to cheat in the exam... oops, being caught!

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Ikemen#5 幽霊なんか怖くない (Ghost are somehow not frightening)

Ikemen#6 バレンタイン本命チョコに恋の矢を! (Aim for the Valentine's Chocolate!)

Ikemen#11 イケメンVS餃子道場 (Ikemen vs dumpling stadium)
 3 baka were trying to win in a eating contest!
 OK, hina... what happened to you?!
 OMG, subaru and hina, are imitating 丹下 段平 and 西寛一 from あしたのジョー... they are crazy.


I just discovered this livejournal thing 2 days ago and it's interesting to know that there is a community for kanjani8! And there are loads of videos and images I don't have. *Amazed* So I've been searching through this site for the past view days and decided I might wanna start a journal on kanjani as well (even I'm sure not how it exactly works).

So my start will be sharing kanjani8 files... just hope someone will be interested?

Usss...!! yoroshiku~!!!




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